Thinning Ice

Today is endless
I am governed by sadness
Go fly with the ravens
Come land on your porch
I’ll drop my feathers
All roughed by cold weathers
When darkness gathers
I’ll die on your porch


Some dear lives    
Are brittle like thinning ice
You never know just how little pressure would suffice 

Oh I thought
There was no way we’d part
A pain so sharp oh it cut right through our lovers’ knot


When the shadows have grabbed you
How I fought
My love was cosmic and red
But once they got you      

You can run run
It’s really done done
Nothing, you can not

He's forever gone gone
All the pieces, none none
Left so I can not
I wish this dark ending
Was a misunderstanding
And you’d still be standing
Here if I lit a match
There is no healing
No death of this feeling
It’s simply spilling slowly
Over the edge

I’m so tired
My will to hold on expired 
You rid the world of the only thing my heart desired

No hope dwells
At the bottom of drying wells
There are no answers, no remedies, no wishing spells

I have struggled like mad
But I’m not you God
I’m carved with tunnels of red
Impatient blood

I won’t run run
It’s really done done
Nothing that you can say

He’s forever gone gone
All the pieces none none
Left so I cannot stay