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"They are a rare breed of a band who know who they are and can execute and excel on all cylinders seemingly without breaking a sweat. This is the kind of potential and excitement you want to feel when discovering a new band. Venice May just may be your new musical addiction!"

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Purple Paper


Our debut album "Illusion Is Inevitable" 

is available to download and stream on all major platforms (see links below).

You can also buy the album as a DIGITAL download in MP3 & FLAC format in our shop here.

If you're old-school or would like a cool souvenir you can purchase the PHYSICAL CD here!

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Watch 'Thinning Ice' here: Venice May - Thinning Ice [Official Video]

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The Parisian quartet Venice May delivers music that is bright and dark, quiet and loud at the same time. It oscillates between the alternative rock of The Smashing Pumpkins and the post-rock ambiance of Sigur Ros.

After moving to France in 2010, Ukraine-born Natalia Samofalova (vocals/guitar/piano) met her French partner Vincent Bedfert (lead guitar). Once their relationship developed, the pair formed Venice May in 2013. 

For their first album “Illusion Is Inevitable”, released in September 2018, Samofalova and Bedfert handled all writing and production duties, with assistance from Alexey Stetsyuk, who then mixed and mastered their debut in Belarus.

In 2019 the Italian-born bassist Angelo Cicatiello officially joined the band. His skills not only as a bassist, but also as a 3D artist resulted in the release of the band’s latest animated music video for their single “Limerence”. 

After opening for The Gathering at Le Petit Bain on November 16, 2019 in Paris, the band have been busy writing and recording more songs, to be released in 2021.




Purple Paper